Development of Portals and Services

We play like adults. Serious software is needed for a large-scale project. Let’s create a trouble-free service, on which heavy loads fall without a hitch.

Development of an Internet Portal

If you are in the subject and understand why you need to create a web portal, great, we are on our way. And for those who have a rather superficial idea about Internet portals, everything will become clear at the end of this fascinating reading. If you are looking for a solution to implement your big or even overly ambitious business idea, we suggest you create a unique web portal.

What is the purpose of creating a web portal? Let’s figure it out together. Internet portals are a variety of web sites with many different services, functions, impressive media content; high attendance; large databases. In short, these are Internet resources that must withstand a huge load 24/7 + have a high level of protection.

Creating a web portal is a job for “heavyweights” in the field of web production. The professional experience of our web studio specialists allows us to create unique Internet portals of any complexity. So, we develop different individual web portals and services depending on the purpose of their creation. Which ones, let’s see!

Development of an Information Site

Information sites are a variety of directory sites with a large amount of text and media content. Users of such portals come here in search of useful information. Often the visitors of the portal themselves are sources of UGC content.

News portals

No special explanations are needed here. These are information resources that will constantly update their feed with the latest news: from politics to entertainment.

State Portals

These are the official websites of the authorities. They include the country’s legal framework and a news channel to inform citizens. But we are a “country in a smartphone.” Such portals have a huge number of services for providing public services to individuals and legal entities.

Corporate Portals

As a rule, these are sites closed to the outside world. Their purpose is to communicate and store data within the company or at the b2b level. Such a get-together, where outsiders are not allowed to enter!

Training Portals

From the name itself, the meaning of such a service is clear. Given the use of a mega-large amount of information from both own and external resources, such portals must have a special power. The load on such services is not childish, and the search engine should work like a PRO.

Individual portals

A simple name for all those who were not mentioned above. Koval Web is always ready to create a unique online portal, especially for your request. In our web studio everything is fine with an individual approach!

Ordering the creation of a web portal in Koval Web is the perfect solution to your problems of any complexity.

We will provide:

  • Individual approach to each client. Detailed analysis of business ideas, market analysis, and development of project strategy.
  • Development of a unique design with a user-friendly interface. There will be a lot of information, so the site needs to be well “combed”.
  • Detailed site programming: development of functionality, navigation menu, and advanced search engine for users; introduction of various modules for providing all functions of service; a reliable system of protection of both portal data and personal data of users. Given a large amount of information, a large burden falls on the site administrators. For you, dear admins, we will develop a convenient and concise cms.
  • Testing and project launch.
  • SEO-optimization of the Internet portal.