Corporate website development

Do you need to loudly declare yourself literally from the first click? What problems, friends! All you need to do is order a corporate website from Koval Web. It doesn’t matter if you have a national business or a pizzeria around the corner – everyone needs corporate websites. If you are not online, consider you do not exist at all!

Creation of a website for business

It is hardly worth explaining the importance and necessity of having a company website. Any project at the very beginning involves the development of a corporate website. Given the global digitalization of society and the rapid development of social networks, it is more important than ever for a business to be present in the Internet environment where its consumer lives. A corporate website is your face on the world wide web. Everything here is the same as on Facebook: the more beautiful your “Ava” is, the more “friends” will follow you.

The second point is consumer confidence! After all, the website is the first point of contact with the client. When we hear from friends about the successful purchase of any product or delicious food in a designated restaurant, the first thing we ask is a link to the page. And here the main thing is to make a good first impression on the website visitor. On the contrary, the absence of a website or the situation of “error 404” we sow a reasonable doubt in the consumer’s subconscious mind: “Is it worth trusting this company?”

Corporate website development

Decided to create a company website or a full upgrade of an existing web page? Fine! Our web studio is happy to offer unique solutions for projects of any complexity. Our strong suit is the development of corporate websites that DISTANCE you among competitors!

Our web-studio is a team of the best it-specialists, designers, copywriters with completely new creative thinking. To implement any project, whether it is a corporate website, an online store, or just a landing, we approach professionally and responsibly. Thanks to the combination of many years of experience and inexhaustible creative inspiration, each time we achieve a 100% result.

Individual corporate website for business

So what exactly do we offer?

So look, friends. A corporate website is not just a business card website with a logo, name, a brief description of “About Us” and the “Contacts” section. So do only self-taught designers on the principle of “let it be” Such websites, made on free engines without the slightest idea of ​​SEO, will be impossible to find in the browser. But you need everyone to hear about you, right?

We offer a completely different strategy in creating a company website. The main rule of our web studio is an individual approach to each client. Each project goes through many stages on the way to its implementation:


We study your business in detail, conduct a comparative analysis of your competitive environment, and indicate your strengths and weaknesses. We set the main vector for building a website development strategy.

Turn on the great writer mode

Unique texts, clear USP, and positioning will help to make it clear to the consumer that you can solve his problem or satisfy his need.

Doing a beautiful makeup

In other words, you need to create a unique corporate website design. Rest assured, it will be something insanely beautiful.

Programming and testing

What do you need to know about this step? For example, it-specialists of our web-studio know the secret of how to reduce the loading time of your website to less than 1 second. Or how to make convenient cms for easy use of the admin panel.

SEO optimization

A blessed tool for any professional web developer. Optimization helps bring the website to the top lines, improve its indexing in the browser.

Koval Web experts will offer the best options for responsive websites. Our arsenal has a ton of original ideas for creating a turnkey corporate website. We are ready to realize your ambitions and bring your business to market leaders!