Landing page development

Briefly and without “water” we will tell your client in one sentence why you are what he needs! A quick and effective way to make yourself known.

The Creation of a Landing page

Landing page is an express method to attract a client in a matter of seconds. The creation of a landing page can rightfully be classified as a jewelry work in the web sphere. Yes, this is just a one-page, but it has a very big responsibility for sales, applications, or collecting leads. The coordinated work of Internet marketers with designers, copywriters, and programmers is very important here. No matter how specialists worked, without understanding the psychology of the consumer and carefully studying the target audience of your product, the landing page will not please with high conversion.

But fortunately, you have Koval Web! Need to order a landing page? Great, our team is always ready to take on a project of any complexity. Creative thinking, innovative solutions, and an individual approach to each client allow you to create a highly effective landing page with a unique design.

Turnkey Landing Page

Do you need to sell tickets for a concert, a last-minute ticket, collect applications for participation in the event or leads of the protesters? Best of all, the Landing Page will do the job. One page, one sentence, one button – all that is needed to call your page visitor to action. Everything should work in a matter of seconds: saw, wanted, bought/ordered. How to achieve this lightning effect on the consumer’s subconscious? Elementary! You need to order a landing page in Koval Web!

What does landing page development include?

As you already understood, the target audience is a key point in creating a selling landing page. A landing page is rarely an independent unit of an advertising campaign. As a rule, this is the final stage in the sales funnel of a product. Landing page always works in tandem with either Google Ads or, for example, Facebook Ads. Thanks to the detailed targeting, the cream of the target audience that is most interested in your offer is selected. And then the landing page enters the scene to close the deal.

When developing a landing page, you can use the same techniques as when developing creatives for advertising campaigns. For example, the AIDA method:

  • A (attraction) – attracting attention
  • I (interest) – call of interest
  • D (desire) – arouse desire
  • A (action) – call for action.

This option is good when developing a landing page to satisfy the desire of the consumer. If you need to solve the problem, it is better to use the PMPHS system:

  • P (pain) – indicate consumer problem
  • MP (more pain) – exacerbate the problem
  • H (hope) – give hope
  • S (solution) – offer a solution.

In two ways, we give the consumer what he needs. Just submitting an offer goes from a different angle, pressing on more effective points.

And now in order. How does our web studio create landing pages?

  1. A detailed analysis of your business and competitive environment, as well as the specific proposal under which the landing page will be created.
  2. The study of the target audience, its preferences, desires, or expectations of the product to create a unique USP and individual design for the landing page cover. Analysis of the target audience is also based on previous advertising campaigns. So, with the help of the experience of the client’s Internet marketers and our own, we can filter out a high-quality target audience and understand which creative and text are better for the consumer.
  3. Next, our copywriters create a concise, selling text. This is a phrase or a very short sentence. It should work like USP. Explain in 2 words why your offer can solve the consumer problem or satisfy his desire.
  4. Design – the crown of the development of the landing page. It should strengthen the desire to buy or order your product. The unique design developed taking into account the preferences of TA, is designed to “pull” the leverage and finally persuade the page visitor to buy/order. For example, it could be an artificially flickering BUY button. Better yet, gamification will come in: click now and you will see something amazing. For collecting leads, for example, such a trick will work. It’s not difficult for a person to press a button to satisfy an interest; it costs him nothing. But you get the right base of potential customers for further retargeting.
  5. Programming and testing are inherent in the stages here, as in any other project of our web-studio. It has its own characteristics. When developing a landing page, cms is not so important, here the main focus is on SEO optimization, page loading speed.

Ordering a turnkey landing page in Koval Web is the right decision to achieve a 100% result! All our creative potential, many years of experience and professionalism, inexhaustible enthusiasm, and desire to create something unique at your service!