Creating an online stores

The development of an online store today is more relevant than ever. The world is irrevocably moving online. And business accordingly follows in hot pursuit of its consumers. Online shopping is no longer just a business tool, it is a vital necessity in today’s digital environment.

Flexible for transformations and changes in market conditions, representatives of offline-business at an accelerating pace resort to the services of web studios for the development of online stores.  Regarding the question of whether you need it or not, it’s not even a question. Only ardent retrograde who resist any technological progress doubts it. And taking into account the economic conditions, in the commercial sector today, as on the Titanic, “there aren’t enough boats for everyone.” So who are you, Rose or Jack? You decide, but the choice is obvious.

So what do we offer?

Online store development from scratch

This is our favorite service. An individual approach to the manufacture of an Internet product allows you to develop a truly unique site. Thus, you can directly influence the choice of the consumer at a subconscious level. After all, original atypical sites are always remembered more than ordinary ones.

Creating a turnkey online store

A completely excellent option for representatives of business in the field of trade. This will allow you to create an effective online store with full functionality and great features.

The choice is yours – do you want to be like everyone else or want to be a market leader? Our team without fear takes on projects of any complexity. We are sure that for any type of business you can find your own unique solution. Ordering a turnkey website creation from the Koval Web team is the right way to success!

Advantages of developing an online store with Koval Web

The unchanging principles of work when creating a site of any type guarantee the same high-quality result in the end:

  1. An individual approach to each client. We will analyze your business, product, and your competitors, of course. Only by studying the weaknesses and strengths of the opponent and your own, you can build the right strategy and tactics for developing an online store before starting work.
  2. The beautiful design of your online store matching the corporate identity of your brand will be beyond praise.
  3. Convenient usability. Professional development and programming of the site allow the visitor to easily make purchases. A simple and clear CMS, in turn, will make life easier for admins of an online store.
  4. Creating an online store by default implies the presence of basic SEO optimization. Immediately after placement on the hosting site will be fully ready for further work on SEO.
  5. Clear functionality. Fast loading of pages of the online store, full features in the mobile version, the availability of various online wallets and payment systems, the convenience of viewing the product catalog, the accuracy of the search engine on the site, the quality of the photo of the product, the completeness of the description of the characteristics, and understandable personal account – all this should work without fail. The site visitor should in no case have a feeling of annoyance.
  6. Scrupulous testing of the functionality of the online store will not leave the slightest chance of errors, lags, malfunctions of the site. Only after that, we transfer your site to hosting.

Everything looks something like this, but just like any business has its own peculiarities, there is an individual approach to the development of any online store.