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WOW sites development

WOW-site is love at first sight. Exclusive design, amazing graphics, cool animation, and many other features make WOW-sites pages #mustvisit in the user’s browser.

Exclusive site with wow-effect

Modern digital technology in our time allows you to create incredible things. And while the rest are trying to keep up with the fast pace of development of the IT industry, Koval Web is fully utilizing all the innovative features in web site development. This allows our web studio to create unique projects of any complexity and implement the most daring ideas.

The creation of exclusive sites is a completely new solution for each business to achieve leadership in its niche. Given the high competition, you need not only to meet modern trends, but you also need to create your own. Creating a wow-site allows you to qualitatively differ from competitors, attracting attention, and stimulating interest among network users.

Creating a wow site

A wow site is not just an individual site that distinguishes you from many other companies with a similar product. All sites created by our web-studio are individual and unique by default. A distinguishing feature of wow-sites – they give emotion! You must admit that it is emotions that move us, prompting us to certain actions. Wow-sites evoke the most vivid impressions and an irresistible desire to feel them again.

Unique site development – how does it work?

You are probably interested in what is the feature of this exclusive site? Let’s talk about this:


The limitless possibilities of modern web design allow you to take the most daring and creative decisions in creating wow-sites. A team of professionals Koval Web creates vibrant and unique designs individually for each project. The created wow-effect allows you to attract and delay the user’s attention from the first second. The visitor to the page receives an extraordinary impression and an increased interest in further viewing the site.


Static sites are in the past. Moving objects more quickly attract the attention of the user. So why not use this feature of our vision for our common purposes? Colorful and dynamic animation will “revitalize” your site. And its skillful use will help to focus the user’s attention on important points.


An ideal solution to integrate the user into the life of your site as much as possible. With each click, something new and unexpected happens. The site reacts to the movement of the user, thus communicating with him. Offer to try your product in the form of an exciting game. We are sure that users will enthusiastically accept this idea to play with your site.


Creativity for our designers not to occupy. In their work, they use all their creativity and imagination. They know for sure how to create an exclusive site. The list of all the advantages of wow sites is quite long. But you caught the essence of their uniqueness. Like any other product of our web studio, the development of a unique site includes:

  • detailed analysis of your business and competitive among
  • full-fledged site functionality corresponding to set goals
  • clear cms for convenient use of the admin panel of the site
  • website programming with functional testing at each stage of development
  • basic SEO optimization

Ordering an exclusive turnkey website in Koval Web is the right way to success! Wow-sites can easily help monetize the emotions of site visitors and get the desired result, namely:

  • increase in conversion
  • highly organic traffic
  • increase in the number of views
  • top positions in the search engine
  • generation of new leads
  • attracting new customers, etc.

Wow-sites are unique dynamic sites with an individual exclusive design, designed with the latest technology in the field of web-production! Wow-sites are sites of the future that give emotions!