Website development on WordPress

Do you need a web resource that will demonstrate the nature of your business and form its positive image?

But … you don’t know how to administer it after launch?

A great solution is to develop a site on WordPress.

To order a site on WordPress in our web studio, it is to get a creative, unique, competitive web resource, with a convenient management system, without template solutions.

You can add articles, multimedia data, new pages, install updates, plugins, work with optimization and all this without programming knowledge.

Website on WordPress from Kovalweb

Website development on WordPress is a popular phenomenon. 41% of sites in the world are created on WordPress or use its admin. Such statistics are the best proof of the practicality of such a solution. It was created for blogs, but now, with the help of extensions, you can run landings, business cards, corporate sites, and even social platforms.

  1. With character. Carefully analyze your business and competitors. This is how we shape your preferences, position, ideas, mission and broadcast them in every aspect of the project.
  2. Relevant. We study the target audience and your role in meeting their needs. This allows you to fill the resource with content that your customer needs and will benefit him.
  3. Beautiful and comfortable. In addition to the unique design that makes the project special, we take care of a comfortable and clear interface. This way the client will feel easy and will have a targeted action without any problems.
  4. Fast. To earn the respect of the visitor, you need to save his time. Our sites load in the browser in less than a second and quickly begin to interact with the user.
  5. With great potential in the top-1. A solid foundation for effective SEO promotion. Our SEO specialists work together with programmers and copywriters to ensure that all elements of the resource contribute to its promotion.
  6. Easy to operate. Connect to the site CMS WordPress – an intuitive management system. Without programming knowledge, you can add new pages, articles, change meta tags, make questionnaires or forums.

Advantages of creating a site on WordPress

  • Add posts to the page

Articles, news, quotes, commercials, everything related to the text. The editing window looks like a regular text editor, in which you can highlight text in bold, select a convenient line spacing, make a numbered list, and more.

You can sort your posts by headings and make drafts to publish at the right time.

  • Manage media files

Add new audio, video, pictures, monitor and change existing settings. You can specify alternate text so that search engines understand what such content contains, and make descriptions and titles.

  • Convenient to track comments

You can set your own commenting settings for each entry. The comments page clearly shows the new posts and there are several options for responding to them: delete, approve, add to spam, postpone the decision.

  • Install new plugins

Plugins are additional functionalities of your internet project. With their help, you can pump SEO optimization, strengthen protection, add feedback forms. Now there are more than 58 thousand of them.

For example, with the help of the popular WooCommerce plugin, you can make an online store and easily run it. These are not all the benefits of working with the WordPress admin panel. Do you want us to create a WordPress site from scratch for your business?

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