What is a landing page?

December 10, 2020
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A landing page is an Internet page, the purpose of which is to motivate a visitor to a certain action (buy, leave contacts, subscribe, etc.).

What are the characteristics of landing:

One page

The information is placed on one page. To attract attention, inspire confidence, convince – you need to give arguments in the right order and keep the reader on his toes. If he is distracted, the integrity of the proposal and the desire to press the button will be lost.

One offer

The landing page should not give a choice, its mission is to prove the value of a particular offer and convince the user that there is everything he was looking for.

One action

Buy, register, download the file, subscribe to the newsletter. It all depends on customer relationships, your visibility, business goals. No need to demand everything at once.

Landing page elements

Thought-out structure and logic of presentation – the key to a successful landing. Such a web page consists of blocks that have their own function and may be different depending on the purpose. Here are some blocks of landing, which can be divided into 4 categories:

  • The first screen
  • About the company
  • Information
  • Capture points / CTA elements

Now in more detail.

The first screen

To attract attention is the main task of the first screen. This is 50% of the project’s success. Here you need to rebuild as much as possible from competitors.

It includes several blocks:

  • Title

With the help of the title, you demonstrate your unique trade offer. In a few seconds, you need to convince the visitor that you have what he needs and it is better than others. This goal can be achieved using the formula 4U (Usefulness, Uniqueness, Urgency, Ultra Specificity).

  • Contacts

They are placed not only at the top of the landing page, but also at the bottom.

  • Logotype

Increase the recognition of your brand and speed up decision making.

  • Navigation

Placed for easy information search.

  • Action button / application form

For those who are familiar with the offer or re-enter the landing, the button or form should be placed on the first screen.

  • Image

The best tool to attract attention. Lots of information and little time is a problem that prevents users from making choices. But a high-quality and concise picture can quickly convince a person to consider the proposal.

About the company

Most people buy from companies they like and trust. In this category, it is important to show that you and the visitor share the same values ​​and that you communicate in the

same language. Here is the impact on the limbic system, emotions. It can consist of the following blocks:

  • About us

No need to praise yourself. Briefly tell who you are and what makes you special. Few people read ode about you, but you can write a few words to establish contact.

  • Team

People trust those they know more. Brief information about employees and their achievements will positively affect the conversion of a landing page. It is desirable to use photos.

  • Geography

If the company operates in large areas, it is better to demonstrate this. This part works great with doubts about the delivery or office location.

  • Certificates

Here you show your professionalism and experience.

  • Portfolio / cases

Instead of a thousand words. Successful examples will say more for you than beautiful phrases.

  • Logos of clients and partners

If you work with well-known companies, their reputation will play into your hands.

  • How we work

If the interaction with the client has several stages and this process may cause questions for the user, then it is important to demonstrate the progress of work and not leave space for misunderstandings and worries.

  • Reviews

Attracts the trigger of social proof. People tend to imitate the majority.


In what way is it useful, what is better than others, what it consists of, how much it costs, and what it looks like. You work with a rational component of the buyer, with logic. The following blocks can be in this category:

  • Benefits

Why does the user need to take the targeted action you are calling for? Marketers recommend the benefits of writing abstracts, 1-2 sentences, and illustrating with icons for better perception.

  • Product description

It’s about the properties of a product or service. The text should be simple. If you can not explain briefly, it is better to make a one-page site with the target action “Sign up for a consultation” or “Newsletter” to warm up the audience, and then sell. So thanks to additional communication it is possible to reveal characteristics better.

  • Cost

If there are several price options, it is convenient to submit them in the form of columns, highlighting the popular option. Then simplifies the choice that no one likes to make.

  • Photos

Most people better perceive visual information. Yes, it is easier to evoke positive emotions and the desire to buy something, visit, try.

  • Video

Quality video can improve conversions by 85%.


As soon as the visitor wants to respond to the offer, you need to provide such an opportunity. To do this, use a large, prominent button labeled “Buy”, “Subscribe”, “Download”, etc. The call must be clear and relevant. On the long landing page, the button occurs several times. They also use a request form, which should be short and simple (fill in the fields: name, email, phone, etc.)

Types of landing pages

Depending on the target action, landings are divided into:

1. Marketable.

The main goal is to sell a specific product here and now. Call – “Buy”. The task is to form a favorable impression of the product and inspire confidence in the seller. It is especially effective to advertise a new or promotional offer. If there are several products, it is better to create a separate landing for each. Sometimes landing catalogs are created, but for a small number of products of 1-2 categories.

2. Services. Sale of online courses, training sessions, massage sessions, diving, and much more. When buying a product, the customer knows what he will get, he will be able to touch it, see it and use it, so he is more willing to part with money. When it comes to services, there is a fear of wasting money. Therefore, make the abstract benefit concrete. For example, at the end of the course give a certificate, give a brochure with lectures, a photo report from the trip. Use reviews and photos of happy customers.

3. To subscribe

You are not familiar with it yet, maybe you have too complex a product or your business is working offline, then you need to create a subscription landing. People leave their contacts with you and eventually become customers. But just like that, no one will leave the data, so you need to offer something in return.

4. Branded

This is an information page. It is created by companies that want to be in sight and maintain the image. There is information about new products, promotions, as well as useful materials that users will want to share in the social networks.

How are landings created?

First, marketing analysis. Only by correctly identifying the target audience, studying competitors and your product, you can hope for success.

The next stage is writing the text. It must interest, retain, persuade. Expressions are clear, short, without water and stamps. Do not overload the page with text and keep the logic of the story.

Then comes the creation of a prototype – a scheme. Draw all the elements in a clear sequence.

Design. Should not be distracted from the main proposal. It is necessary that the picture corresponds to the product and arouses desire.

Page layout. Main requirements:

• fast download

• mobile version

• the same display in all browsers

• interactive elements work well (buttons, fields…)

• delivery of applications for the correct email

• registered title

Creating a landing is a time-consuming process that requires knowledge in marketing, design, layout and copywriting. There are design sites that will help to make a landing person without professional knowledge, but given the many factors that affect the conversion of a landing page, the effectiveness of such a page is very questionable.