How to create an online store from scratch?

December 12, 2020
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Online commerce is thriving. And there is no reason to believe that something will change shortly. Even conservative entrepreneurs recognize the need to enter the e-marketplace, and new business ideas are no longer available without an Internet connection. Business on the World Wide Web is most often online shopping. If you decide to create your own online store, you need to know a few important points.

1. Niche choice

Online stores that sell the same as you are potential competitors. Territorial proximity does not matter. Imagine that you open a shop with mobile accessories on the street where there are 10 more. The Internet for a customer looks the same. Before deciding on a niche, research the market. Find out the demand for the product, the ability of the market to swallow it. If the market is full and you do not have a place there, you should think about unique or rare products. You can lean towards narrowness. Then there is a chance to become a monopolist in the category and create a competitive business. This makes it easier to find customers, properly allocate the budget for advertising.

Top 3 niches for creating online stores:

• clothes, shoes, accessories – women love to look good and they are the ones who most often shop. Fast-paced fashion and the desire to be in trend influence big sales,

• home appliances and electronics – it is cheaper to buy online even taking into account the cost of delivery. It is cheaper.

• cosmetics and perfumes – products that tend to run out, so there is a constant demand.

2. Study of the target audience (TA)

Love your client and he will love you. But just as love at first sight, is a rarity or fiction, we need to get to know each other better. Who he is, what he enjoys, what he loves, what he worries about, etc.

The study of TA can be divided into 3 blocks, disassembling which will form a full-fledged image of your customers:

  1. basic data:
  2. age
  3. gender
  4. place of residence
  5. social status:
  6. level of profit
  7. home ownership
  8. specialization
  9. marital status
  10. psychological factors
  11. motives
  12. values
  13. interests
  14. way of life

And boom. Now you know who you are working with, what you can help with, what to offer. Knowledge of the target audience allows you to establish a contact in a language they understand, to anticipate their fears and needs. You make visitors happy, they make you rich.

3. Choose a name and create an image

To create not just an online store, but a brand, you need to be recognized. That’s why we need to introduce ourselves. First, you work on the name, then it works on you. Some rules will help in naming:

uniqueness – to quickly find online and not to be confused with anyone. Make sure there is no domain with that name.

The domain name (example: – the address of the site, consisting of the name (kovalweb) and location (.com) of the resource.

TA hit – learn what the target audience is, use it to please. If teenagers, use buzzwords, if the older generation – more conservative. If women – call positive emotions with the name, if men – be clear, specific.

Easy pronunciation and memorization – leave a mark in the minds of consumers. Memory works great with associations, so use words that somehow describe your offer.

To create a full-fledged image of the store, the name itself is not enough. You still need to pay attention to the descriptor and slogan.

Descriptor – concise information about an Internet resource located under the name. The goal is to quickly explain what the company is, what it does, why is it worth paying attention to.

Slogan – depicts the company’s philosophy, idea, concept. Also in short form. Occurs in advertising.

4.Ways to create an online store

The technical part of creating an online store is a process that includes:

  • design development,
  • writing code or using a constructor
  • filling with content
  • network promotion

So here are three ways a novice online entrepreneur can go.

1st way. Web studio

This is when a team of professionals, working together, develops an online store.


  • performance guarantee,
  • communication of specialists at all stages of creation, which improves the result,
  • saving time compared to the work of one person,
  • a site is created that belongs entirely to you,
  • people who know their job well work (designer, programmer, copywriter, SEO-specialist)
  • individual approach


  • expensive

2nd way. All by myself

Without knowing either the design features or programming, it is quite real. Now many designers allow you to make online stores without the slightest experience


  • fast
  • cheaper than ordering a full site
  • simple


  • requires personal involvement, effort and time,
  • pattern,
  • advertising from the site-designer,
  • questionable prestige,
  • the site belongs to you only partially. Depends on the site designer.

3rd way. Freelance

In the network you are looking for a person who sits at home and offers OS services.


  • savings


  • no written guarantees
  • it is difficult to check the professionalism
  • if one person does all the work, it is most likely not high quality,
  • if you hire several freelancers (designer, programmer, etc.), you will have to spend a lot of effort to coordinate the process.

5. Online store design

Main design requirements:

1. Convenience.

The visitor must get to the information he needs in no more than three clicks. It is required that he navigate the site intuitively, without delay. Otherwise, there is a chance to lose a customer. Use large call buttons, easy registration form, clear menu, the ability to filter products, a visible basket. Additionally, you can use the site map.

2. Beauty.

“Every man to his taste”, but there are trends. And trends dictate laconic and modest design. Use pastel tones, lots of space, clear fonts.

This does not mean that all stores should be the same and invisible. But you need to stand out not with bright colors, but with your style.

3. Images

They are like a magic wand. With their help, it is possible to cause the necessary emotions, to motivate to purchase. Clear pictures save time, and this is a very important resource. Visitors are more willing to look at detailed photos than to read the text.

  1. The main elements of OS

There may be more. But here are the main ones:

1. Home page

This is a showcase. The face of your business. It consists of several elements:

1. Head :

  1. main contacts,
  2. logo
  3. basket,
  4. brief information about delivery, payment.
  5. registration or entry into the personal account,
  6. search bar.

2. menu – for easy site navigation. All links are clearly signed, logically placed.

3. goods – occupy most of the space on the main page. Here are the discount offers or the most popular.

4. The left menu of the page is a place for creativity. Here you can place advertising banners, buttons on social networks, news, a registration form, etc.

     2. Catalog of goods

     Clear structure – use subcategories and filters.

     The names match the search queries – necessary for SEO.

     3. Separate pages for the product.

     Photos that fully demonstrate the product.

     The text that describes the offer, benefits, motivates to buy.

     4. Cart and ordering

The basket shows the selected products, their prices. It is also possible to remove something from the list or return to the catalog and continue shopping.

Making an order. Use only the necessary fields, do not ask to leave a lot of information, because there is a risk that a visitor will run away.

5. Page with information about delivery, payment, etc.

For the visitor not to have objections and fear of making a purchase, it is best to clearly describe in detail how the delivery will take place.

About payment. It is better when there are several payment options. Then the client will be able to choose the most convenient way.

7. Advertising and SEO promotion of the online store

Search engine results that are most often found at the top of the issue or at the bottom are contextual ads. One of the most popular ways to promote an online store. Contextual advertising – a kind of RRS (pay per click). This means that you need to pay for the conversion, click on your ad.


  • fast result,
  • you can track the effectiveness of advertising,
  • can be disabled at any time.


  • showing depends on competitors,
  • works only with permanent funding,
  • in order not to waste money, you need a professional,
  • Not every click is a sale.

Another popular method of OS promotion is SEO site optimization. This means that you work on the quality of the online store, its technical characteristics, content and search results give your resource in the top rows of search. Specialists first conduct a technical audit of the site, find weaknesses, and then work to improve them. This is called internal optimization. And as for the external, it is building a lot of links from third-party resources to your online store.


  • long-term effect,
  • positively affects the quality of the store and behavioral factors,
  • Organic traffic has already searched for your offer.


  • long time for promotion,
  • Many factors are variable.

If you are interested in the topic of SEO, you can read more here To open an online store, you need a clear plan and understanding of where to go. Conversion is affected by many factors: download speed, user-friendly interface, quality content, proper marketing analysis, fast delivery and more. This is a complex process, where the result is influenced by, at first glance, minor details. So. To run your own OS, you need to have a large amount of information. And you can entrust the work to professionals and enjoy the result.