What is copywriting, rewriting, naming, posting

July 26, 2021
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Text on the site is a resource through which you communicate with your visitor. Whether it becomes a customer or a regular passerby depends on the content written. This is the first step in communication between business and consumer, and therefore one of the most important. That’s why quality copyright is the basis of a successful project.

But what content contributes to the prosperity of the resource and is considered high quality?

What is copywriting, what should it be

Copywriting – work to create unique texts for different purposes: to bring people from search engines, to inspire confidence, to warm up the audience, to sell goods.

For different purposes – different texts:

• SEO articles

• Commercial offers

• Texts for landing page

• For site pages (home, about us, contacts)

• Posts for social networks

• Email newsletter

• Announcements

If the text has solved a specific problem, then we can talk about quality copywriting.

9 important rules of effective copywriting:

1. TA in the center

Understanding your reader is the starting point. Find out who he is, what he dreams about, what he wants, is afraid of, why does he doubt. Only after collecting all the information, you can reach the person.

Use clear words and a familiar style. Find out what doubts visit the consumer, eliminate them immediately. Only when there is a clear picture of the TA problem it can be shown how a product or service can solve it.

2. Specific benefits

Clearly distinguish between abstractions (low prices), properties (prices from the manufacturer), characteristics (from 200 dollars per item), benefits (savings of 20,000 dollars from each delivery).

Abstractions are bad, they are better not to use. Properties, characteristics can and sometimes should be used. But it is the benefits that will be the cause of the targeted action.

3. A clear path to the text

Where did readers come from contextual or targeted advertising, search engines, from another page of the site. The audience you are addressing: cold, warm or hot. Such knowledge determines the style of communication and meaning.

As in life. You communicate differently with a taxi driver, employee, mom. You start meeting at a party, an interview, at the police station in a different way.

4. Everything is clear, without water

We formulate the target action specifically. Order, purchase, register, watch the demo version. Properly composed CTA increases conversion, and hence income.

 The training article should provide relevant, complete, clear answers to the consumer request so that the user does not turn to another resource.

5. We write simply, of course

Leave all clichés, stationery for official business publications. People are looking for quick answers on the Internet. If you explain complex things in an accessible language, it will be appreciated. Do not use words that are difficult to pronounce, use their simple synonyms.

6. Uniqueness at the height

This is not a whim of the customer, but an important factor in promotion. People working on search engine algorithms want users to find valuable information on the Internet, not a thousandth copy. Therefore, sites with unique content rise higher in the search engine.

The unique content is appreciated by visitors, which contributes to the brand image, raises behavioral indicators.

7. Literacy

No errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar. This approach attracts customers, makes business more decent.

8. Remember the structure

In SEO copywriting. Both people and search engines find it easier to understand structured data. First, the visitor scans the page, notes the subheadings, submissions, lists, if the information is interesting – it is read. For search engines, all elements are additionally marked in HTML code, which helps them understand the text.

Techniques for writing commercial texts are based on knowledge of human behavior. To convince a visitor to do something, you need to go through several stages, each of which has its own task. If you don’t get noticed, you won’t be noticed. If you are not interested, they will leave quickly. To offer a purchase at once will look aggressive.

9. We write for the reader

Company ode and effective self-presentation are different things. Self-admiration is not interesting to anyone. You have features, an interesting history of the company, great professionals, world awards – well. It is necessary to speak about it, but tell, then why it is favorable to the client.

What is a rewrite and when it is needed

Rewriting – rewriting text from another source, preserving the meaning but changing the words or sentences. Rewriting can be superficial (replacing some words with synonyms), deep (paraphrasing, complete replacement of what is written, but with the same essence).

Why do you need a rewrite when uniqueness is worth its weight in gold?

Badly written, but you need to keep the structure:

• remove stationery and stamps

• simplify complex statements

• improve uniqueness

• change or add the tone of voice (brand and consumer communication style)

• reduce or increase the volume

Fit for SEO-optimization

• insert keywords

• reduce “water”

• bring the “nausea of ​​the text” under certain indicators

The performer should not add his conclusions and assessments to the rewrite of the article.

So which is better: copyright or rewrite?

It all depends on the task. Copyright is more expensive, but in most cases you can’t do without it. By copying other people’s opinions you will not be able to differ from competitors, find your advantages, inspire trust.

Copywriting is not just about writing, it’s about analyzing and gathering the right information that a copywriter does, a rewriter can’t handle it.

The rewrite should be used to save money and time or have an interesting source, but it should be finalized.

What is naming

Naming – the direction of the copywriter’s work from creation a brand name. Very responsible work. The name will glow in all advertising campaigns. You need to choose a name that suits the business, will be understood by the TA and will help to rebuild from competitors.

Stages of naming:

• careful analytical work

• coming up with several options

• check for the absence of registered same names

• coordination with the customer

• testing

• final verification in the International Classification of Goods and Services

What is posting

It means posting new records on the web resource.

Social networks are an important marketing platform. Modern companies are actively maintaining pages on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. This is a resource for attracting customers, so it should be approached seriously. A content plan and systematic posting are important. Posting articles to a blog also belongs to posting.

How to find a good copywriter, what to look for

You can search for a copywriter:

• at labor exchanges

• In social networks

• Content studios

• On the site with vacancies

• Ask for recommendations from friends of entrepreneurs

There are many copywriters, but not everyone can handle complex marketing tasks. It is necessary to determine what responsibilities he will perform: to think through sales funnels, to form USP, to select keys and LSI-kernel, to place records on a site or to write articles on accurate TT. Make demands based on your requests. Many authors do not even fully understand what copywriting is, set them clear goals to avoid misunderstandings.

Selecting a specialist for long-term cooperation, arrange an interview. Find out how erudite a person is, whether the candidate understands human psychology, marketing. It is important to have a portfolio and ready-made cases.

If you have a limited budget, a simple order and you are thinking of contacting a beginner, arrange a test task (often on the terms of 50% payment). Then, without much loss, you can determine if the candidate is right for you.

Copywriting is not putting letters into sentences, but an important part of marketing. Quality copywriting is the way to successful business on the Internet.