Say “WOW!” How do next-generation sites affect users minds?

May 28, 2020
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Digital technologies are changing and evolving, now you can create incredible things in the browser. And while some keep up with current trends, others are ahead of them and create new ones. Yes, in general, the task of the sites remained unchanged. They must be clear, easy to use, functional, and provide information as requested by the user. But how to stand out among hundreds of similar sites, how to interest the user, and attract his attention?

Emotion!!! Here’s what modern people need. Today – this is the main “motivator” of socially active users, it is the emotion that can literally “by hand” lead people to your Internet resource. All digital marketers and SMM specialists have been talking about this for a long time, and while this feature is actively used on social networks, this lifehack is not very popular in creating websites. And this can be your advantage because a wow-site is just a Klondike of emotions.

So, WOW site! Let’s get acquainted

This is a completely new solution that allows you to make a name for yourself, it is a USP in the field of web production. Dynamic and bright design, elements of gamification and augmented reality, creative animation, and many innovative features – these are the sites of the future that you want to view again and again, page by page, share it with others.

The task of the wow-site is to monetize emotions and get:

  • highly efficient organic traffic,
  • conversion growth,
  • top positions in search engines,
  • increase in the number of views,
  • generation of new leads,
  • new potential and real customers,
  • target audience for further retargeting.

And now we are going to reveal the secrets of the “emotional” site. Why are they so cool?! It’s simple, like ABC


The endless possibilities of modern web design create just the perfect environment for creativity. When developing a site, original bright designs are created individually for each project. They are attractive, evoke emotions, interest from the main page. This site encourages the user to browse your site page by page to see “WHAT’S NEXT”. The essence of the design is to attract attention and “retain” the user on your site, which will positively affect his further indexing in the browser.


Static sites are a thing of the past. The user pays attention to moving elements much faster. This is how the human brain is arranged. So use it. An animation will help make the site dynamic, “alive”. With it, you can highlight the “key” points to which you want to draw attention.


The creators of the wow-site do not stop at animation only, they go further and make it functional. Elements of the game allow you to integrate the user into the “life” of your site. Just imagine a person’s reaction when they see that the site is responding to their actions. With each click, something new, unexpected, unusual happens. For example, you can choose a stylish look from the new collection in the online clothing store, create your own kitchen design of your dreams, or just choose a hairstyle or lipstick color. Offer to try your product in the form of an exciting game. Even very “serious” users do not refrain from wanting to “play” with your site.


Less text, bro… No one will read long boring texts. So much information is being dumped on users that even Darwin would find it difficult to select “just what he needs.” So, you have already attracted the user’s attention with a bright design and so on. Now the main thing is not to spoil the impression by unnecessary writing. Briefly and in essence… Summarize the essence of your proposal, if it is difficult to do – provide information in the form of infographics, visualize it.


No matter how cool your site is, don’t forget about the main thing! It should be as easy to use as possible, understandable, and respond to the user’s request. No unnecessary movements, each click should give the necessary and comprehensive information, and not transfer the user to another unnecessary “transition” page.

General concept

The site, all its sections, elements described above, must reproduce one common idea, adhere to the same style. A wow site is not a site that accumulates all the fashion chips that are only known to web developers. It is important to distribute all the elements of animation, gamification evenly throughout the structure of the site. Our task is to interest the user, but not to overload him with unnecessary elements. All is well, if in moderation. And don’t open all the trump cards at once. After viewing each page, there should be a slight “feeling of hunger”; emotions seem to be enough, but I want to see what’s next…

Everyone knows this, but it’s better to remind…

Use no more than two types of fonts, only high-quality photos and videos, concise titles and texts, unique content. No plagiarism, forget about photo stocks. Make your own photoshoot for your product, hire a copywriter, or write texts yourself. Uniqueness is your thing! There are now many free platforms for creating websites or creatives. Yes, they are also bright, made with taste. But how many more sites with the same template have been created before you? It’s like coming to a party in the same dresses, (women will understand).

WOW-site is a unique, dynamic site, filled with individual creativity with high-tech design, created using the latest tools in web-production.

This is the site that gives EMOTIONS!